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A lot can change in five years, and Vancouver rockers No Island have embraced their transformation. The bandís new full-length album, Better Days, arrived in April 2015 after months of creation, growth, and anticipation. It marks a fresh start and a different perspective for the group ó something innovative, something nostalgic, but most of all an affirmation that the best is always yet to come for those willing to look forward.

No Island is a band of four frontmen, with a sound thatís always been defined by distinct personalities and expert talents blending together to create something more than the sum of their parts. This newest project takes that dynamic to the next level, brought to life by bonds developed over years of touring together across the vastness of Canada.

Writing about life, love, loss, and every experience in between, No Islandís music embraces both the highs and lows encountered in every personís unending pursuit of better days.

No Island (left to right): Andy Rice - Keyboards, Lead Vocals | James Wilfred Martin - Saxophones, Clarinets, Vocals, Percussion | Max Ley - Drums, Vocals | Keith Sinclair - Guitars, Lead Vocals